Camping L'Escale Occitane, located in Alzonne in the Aude department, is committed to sustainable tourism and responsible development.
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Camping L'Escale Occitane's eco-responsible commitment to the environment

Camping L'Escale Occitane, located near Carcassonne, in Alzonne, is committed to sustainable tourism and responsible development. The establishment has implemented a series of measures to reduce its impact on the environment, while offering its guests a comfortable and respectful stay of nature.

The L'Escale Occitane campsite in the Aude department has introduced a series of measures that are more respectful of nature.

Raising awareness among holidaymakers

Camping L'Escale Occitane sensitizes its customers to the challenges of sustainable tourism and environmental preservation. Staff are trained in eco-gestures and information is provided to holidaymakers. The establishment favors exchanges by email compared to postal mailings.

L'Escale Occitane, encourages slow tourism by favouring the reception of cyclists. He obtained the label « Accueil vélo ».

The L'Escale Occitane campsite in the Aude region encourages slow tourism by giving priority to welcoming cyclists.

Saving water and energy

Our campsite has introduced a number of measures to reduce its water and energy consumption. The campsite has installed water-saving devices and pressure reducers on taps and showers in rental accommodation. It also has a timer system for the washbasins, sinks and showers in the sanitary facilities. The establishment reads its water and electricity meters every day to better manage its consumption. It has installed water collectors in the technical buildings to water the green spaces and thus limit the use of drinking water. Watering is done using a drip system taken from the agricultural network, rather than the drinking water network. The school has replaced its lighting with LED or low-energy bulbs. It has installed a timer in the washrooms to limit energy wastage. The site is committed to the development of renewable energies, with the installation of solar terminals throughout the campsite and the signing of a contract with a green energy supplier.

L'Escale Occitane campsite in Alzonne undertakes to strictly respect selective sorting.

Waste sorting

L'Escale Occitane campsite rigorously respects selective sorting, with green containers for all waste, yellow containers for paper and packaging, and a glass column. The site has battery collection bins available at reception. It has set up a partnership with the Quadra company for the recycling of cooking oil. It also provides bio-bins that can be emptied into the compost bin. The restaurant has put up posters to help customers sort their waste in accordance with local regulations. It does not offer disposable crockery, except for doggy-bags to avoid food waste.

Well-being for holidaymakers

L'Escale Occitane campsite in Alzonne is attentive to the well-being of its guests. The campsite restaurant serves local and seasonal produce. The menu features seasonal and local produce, as well as meat-free dishes. The products used for cleaning the accommodation are eco-labelled. The establishment has banned bleach, which is irritating to the respiratory tract and toxic to aquatic organisms. The accommodation is completely non-smoking and electronic cigarettes are prohibited.

Other actions

The campsite maintains its green spaces pesticide-free and uses alternative methods to combat weeds.

Upcoming project

We have several projects planned to pursue our commitment to sustainable development. The school is planning to invest in a plant shredder to store green waste and use it as mulch to reduce water consumption for watering the plants. Each year, the school commits to new criteria to perfect its approach, so don't hesitate to send us your ideas!

Camping L'Escale Occitane is committed to sustainable tourism and responsible development. The campsite takes concrete action to reduce its impact on the environment, while offering its customers a comfortable stay that respects nature !

If you share our ethics and the values of Slow Tourism and Smart Tourism, join us at L'Escale Occitane.

Share the values of Slow Tourism and Smart Tourism with l'Escale Occitane campsite.
Camping L'Escale Occitane in the Aude near Carcassonne is committed to responsible development.